Adding Links to Images & Text

This is a demonstration of how to add text to links and images using the Drag & Drop Editor. The first example is linking a google logo to The second example is linking text in a paragraph using the text tool.
First insert an image in the page using the "ADD PICS" icon at the top of the editor.
Second, right click on the image you inserted to bring up the options menu. Then select the "ADD LINK" option by clicking on it.

Lastly, type in the URL or web address of the page you want someone to go to when they click on the link. The address should include the http:// as well as the domain name and file address.

For example, if you wanted to link to a specific page or fie on such as our how to article page, the address is where as the main website URL is just
Adding Links to Text

Here is a sample paragraph with some text that can also be linked to You will notice that the first instance of is not linked. But the send time we have it linked. This is how simple it is to do that.
First open the text editor using the "ADD TEXT" icon at the top of the editor. Then type in some text that you want to link and highlight only the text you want to link as shown on the left.

Then click on the hyperlink, or "insert link" tool at the top of the editor.

Then just like the example above, just type in the address that you want to link to. In this case it is "".

It is important to understand just typing the URL in a web page will not automatically link it to the page it represents. You must use the linking tools to create a hyperlink to the page.

Since you know this now, there is no reason to type the actual URL in the page, just text or an image to link to the desired page.

You can link to any website, page or file on the web. That means links can be to pages on your own website or to external websites like or

website hosted at®