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This website is set up to allow users to edit pages, work with programs and see what building a website on pageBuzz.com is all about and how it works. If at any time while using the demo you are confused, don't hesitate to call support so we can help you.

There are Hundreds of help pages and help videos but sometimes it is nice to talk to a live person when you can't figure out something yourself.
Social Media Cafe
Add the latest social media links and icons to your pages using the image inserting tool and drag the icons where you want them. Link each to your own facebook, google plus or linked in pages to promote your social media campaigns.

Add dividers or separators in the pages using images or text areas with borders.

Upload graphics and logos to show people what you do and how you do it. Whether you have blueprints, music, photos or video there is a way to show that media online on your website. And with the pageBuzz.com website builder it is as easy as point and click!
There is no limit to what you can do!
The only limit is your imagination. The pageBuzz.com website building tools are flexible and allow anyone to quickly and easily build a website without any help. Every website will be unique and special with your own style and twist. Below are a few samples we made to show some possible design options.
Try The DEMO!
We encourage everyone to login to the demo and try editing this page using our Drag & Drop Webpage Editor.

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